Hello world!

Ever wonder about those people who lurk your local Starbucks – all day, every day – occupying precious real estate hunched over their laptops and hogging all the electrical outlets with their power cords; scowling at those of you who dare to have a conversation, thereby disturbing whatever really important shit they are working on?  Ever wonder what those people are thinking?


Well, whatevs then, but that’s what this blog is about.  Originally entitled PrincessPissant-AnotherDayAtTheOffice, the blog’s author – none other than Princess Pissant herself – will fill you in on all the goings-on at her Office, the local Starbucks, where she is a fixture just as much as those ubiquitous posters of Guatemalan coffee workers and those plush pleather chairs.

Princess Pissant welcomes you to her blog, and is forever grateful for your readership and support.

Should you be interested in the origins of PP-ADATO before she moved to WordPress, please visit her earliest posts here:



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