Princess Pissant and Other American Icons

Many of you, if not MOST of you, have spent the past several months wondering, “Where the hell is PrincessPissant, goddamit?!”  Well, simmer down, and set your worries aside – she’s back!!  (Or at the very least ON HER WAY back.)

PP will be making her long-anticipated SECOND debut at a new and improved location.  No not a new and improved OFFICE, which for those of you with some form of short or long-term memory loss, might NOT recall is the local, um, Starbucks . . . but a new blog-hoster-platform-thingamajiggie.

WordPress!  Which PP has been assured by her more tech and social media-savvy friends (namely the teenagers down the street) will gain her the widespread popularity, notoriety,fortune and fame that – for reasons unknown to all of us  – have eluded her thus far.  So stay tuned for more from your favorite comeback kid . . .


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One response to “Princess Pissant and Other American Icons

  1. Candace

    Cannot wait to hear what the Princess is up to next! Have missed her antics over the last months.

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